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Thieves hijack truck in UK, steal $6.6M of Apple products

Thieves in the United Kingdom have stolen a trailer full of Apple products containing an estimated $6.6 million in goods that were in transit on one of the country’s major highways.The robbery took place on November 10, on the southbound slip road at Junction 18 of the M1 motorway, Northamptonshire Police report. The driver and a security guard were attacked and tied up before thieves made off with the truck itself.The truck was taken to the nearby village of Crick, where an operation took place to shift the acquired products to a second waiting truck and trailer. After abandoning the driver and security guard, the second truck was driven to Lutterworth, Leicestershire, before the thieves offloaded the goods again to a third truck. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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