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Portless 'iPhone 13' could restore iOS without needing a cable

A version of the “iPhone 13” that lacks a Lightning port could force changes to recovery processes, a report claims, with an “Internet Recovery” mode allowing for the reinstallation of iOS without needing to connect the iPhone to a Mac or PC.Recovering an unresponsive iPhone usually requires it to be connected to another device, typically via the Lightning port on the base. If rumors of a port-less iPhone are true, the lack of a Lightning port or any other standard physical connection may make the device difficult to maintain.To allow for a complete reinstallation of iOS on an unresponsive iPhone without a distinct physical connection, Apple is allegedly looking at ways to do so. Based on rumors from Appleosophy, the main way to do this is by something tentatively called “Internet Recovery.” Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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