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MFi hearing aid static issues reported by iPhone 12 users

Users of MFi heading aids are reporting problems using their audio devices with the iPhone 12, with some also experiencing static issues along with difficulty in pairing them with the new smartphones.Forum threads are suggesting there are issues with how Apple’s Bluetooth connectivity functions for users of MFi-compatible hearing aids. Pairing to the iPhone, the “Made for iPhone” hearing aids are able to stream audio from the iPhone to the user’s ear, such as music, phone calls, and notification sounds, among other benefits.An email tip from an AppleInsider reader explains how they endured connection issues when they moved to the iPhone 12. While the iPhone 11 Pro Max and current-generation iPad Pro 12.9 both work without issue, the same can’t be said about the iPhone 12, with the reader experiencing rapid disconnections and reconnections, with seemingly no stability at all. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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