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MacBook Pro trackpad bezel could offer haptic feedback to user in future designs

Apple could add haptic feedback in the MacBook Pro and other portable Macs in the future, with discrete regions of the chassis around the trackpad able to channel vibrations to the user’s hands and wrists.Haptic Feedback is a very common element of mobile computing, with iPhones and the Apple Watch using it, alongside many other devices on the market. The idea of haptic feedback is to notify the user of an event via movement instead of sound or a visual cue, which is handy in situations where users have to be quiet and not disturb others.While small mobile devices have used the concept for years, the same cannot be said about larger hardware. Outside of game controllers and other specialized peripherals, haptic feedback isn’t generally used in notebooks or desktop computing at all. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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