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iPhone 12 claims US sales crown, while iPhone 12 mini stumbles

The iPhone 12 was the highest-selling iPhone of the current generation in the two months after launch, according to a new survey — but the iPhone 12 mini is falling behind.In its annual breakdown of iPhone sales, CIRP analysts claim the current generation of iPhones are selling proportionately better after launch than the iPhone 11 range did in its first month of sales. New iPhone models like the iPhone 12 Pro accounted for 76% of iPhone sales in the United States in the October and November after launch, compared to the 69% share the 2019 releases managed in September 2019.Of the four new models, the iPhone 12 performed the best with a 27% share of US iPhone sales over the period, with the iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max being relatively close in proportion. This fairly even distribution of sales between the three models, as well as Apple producing four models instead of three for 2020, means the highest proportional percentage isn’t as great as what was observed for the previous generation. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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