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How to provide remote Mac tech support using Google Chrome Remote Desktop

If members of your family are finally moving over to a Mac, you’re going to get called for technical assistance. Here’s how to access the new Mac from across the town, country, or world by taking advantage of Google Chrome Remote Desktop.The holidays are a great time to upgrade your own hardware, but it’s also a perfect occasion to improve someone else’s computing setup, in the guise of a gift. Buying a Mac mini or a MacBook Air as a holiday present for someone is also a good way to encourage them to switch over from PC to Mac, especially if they don’t have to fork out for the hardware.It’s also possible that family members or friends may have taken advantage of deals to get their new Mac, or they inherited an old Mac that someone else was replacing and wanted to try it out for the first time. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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