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Apple's $111.4 billion quarter – which analysts were right and which were wrong

In the wake of Apple’s stellar holiday quarter results, analysts have been quick to respond to the $111.4 billion in revenue and other data points Apple raised in its financials. Here’s what the analysts think of the results — as well as how far out they were in their predictions.Apple’s first-quarter earnings for 2021 were revealed on January 27, with the iPhone maker securing record-breaking revenue from sales over the holiday season. As well as achieving $111.4 billion in revenue, the company saw massive growth across all product categories, with considerable year-on-year growth observed for the iPad and Mac segments.Ahead of the results, analysts offered their predictions of what to expect from the company in its quarterly disclosure, and all were extremely positive in their expectations. Naturally, in the days after the results announcement, analysts returned to their keyboards to offer their hot take on what Apple earned. Read more…
Source: Apple Insider News and Secrets on New Apple Products

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