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After careful consideration – buy a 7 Plus!

the Apple iPhone X has been given a lot of press with its new neural processor on board. The iPhone 8 also includes the same coprocessor. The difference is this….

in drop tests it’s been shown that in the iPhone X that a jarring can disable or harm the neural processor at as a little as 3feet from the ground. This means that you will not have access to your ohone as the processor is required for the facial recognition. Imaging a phone that looks ok either not working or not enabling you to access it. Imagine going to the Apple store and having to have it sent away to be fixed? The max outlay for a fix on the iPhone X is in excess of $500 US.


the iPhone 8 plus  is great but is it great enough to support the difference in price from a 7 plus?  Look at the specs and you can have almost an 8 for the next 2years and trade it in and make out pretty well.


deal of the day? Take in your 6 for an a 7plus while they still have them and run that for the next 2 years.

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